What you should know about the meaning of the pirate flag ?

The black flag of Captain Hook, which all children know, is also called the "Jolly Roger". Even though the pirate flag is widely used by all creators of comics or cartoons, it is still not insignificant. The meaning of the pirate flag and its use is more complex than it seems. Here in this article is what you need to know about the pirate flag.

The pirate flag, its meaning and what it implies

Like many things on earth, the pirate flag is primarily an instrument to distill fear in society and instill fear in one's opponent prior to combat and boarding. The psychological spring is always the same. Today, in our societies where physical violence has been prohibited, it is enough to drive fast, in an imposing car, preferably black, with full headlights, to create the beginning of a road malaise. This is the effect that the black flag was supposed to produce on those who saw it, discover this info here

Sea pirates used to hoist the pirate flag to signify an impending violent attack. The black flag was a bit like the lighthouse call of the 17th century. The idea was to incite the occupants of a ship to surrender as soon as possible. The pirates hoped to avoid losses and injuries. Those unfortunate enough to surrender in hopes of mercy were clearly relying on God, as pirates have no words.

The symbolism of the black flag

On the flag are bones, a skull and two crossed shins. This reminds us of death, which is the purpose of life. It is a bit nihilistic certainly. But this reminder is just there to make us aware of how lucky we are to be on earth and to be able to write history (our history at least). The pirate flag is therefore not an end of life, but rather an illustration of our human condition, a kind of "maritime Carpe Diem".