What kind of insurance should you get for your Tesla car?

Everyone's dream is to have a means of transportation to make their family more comfortable and even to respond to certain emergencies. For this purpose, Tesla cars are excellent means of transportation that can satisfy all your desires. Are you looking for a branded car or do you already have a Tesla? Welcome to the family of the great. Indeed, against all odds, Tesla branded vehicles are interesting and make you want to drive them. 

However, a car, even a branded one, needs to be maintained in order to exist over time. That's why insurance is highlighted to help you maintain your vehicles. What kind of insurance for a Tesla car? Read this article.

Tesla Travel Insurance

This seems to be the first insurance policy that most Tesla car owners take out. Indeed, as announced on their website, such an insurance takes into account the full coverage of all emergency situations such as accidents and other damages. This coverage is applied when your car is rented to a third party or borrowed for any event.

Tesla collision insurance

In the car insurance sector, this insurance is the first. In fact, Tesla Collision Insurance is one of the insurances that takes care of the protection of damages caused to your car during an accident for example. It also provides you with cover when that damage has caused problems for other people or public property.

Tesla global insurance

This is a type of insurance that all Tesla car owners will need to guarantee the life of their vehicle. This insurance protects you against theft and especially against vandalism. Damage caused by accidents is also covered by this insurance. It should be noted that Tesla Global Insurance has a certain level of cover. 

Fire and theft insurance 

As the name suggests, this insurance covers you if you are the victim of theft or fire. For example, with this insurance, you can receive about $3,000 in the event of theft or fire. It also covers vandalism.