What are the different pools to install in your home ?

What a pleasure it is to be able to swim in your pool during the beautiful summer days? But often who says pool says expenses. In reality, it all depends on the type of pool you want to create. On this occasion, here are the main existing categories.

The durable and long-lasting in-ground pool

When you want to install a pool in your garden, the question of its size is a point on which it is important to think carefully, because pools come in several models. Indeed, the in-ground pool is made to last. To this effect, this type of construction is a family project and a long-term life choice. It is therefore necessary to prepare for its success. That being said, we invite you to consult our source. The inground pool is for those who want a durable and long-lasting pool that can be used for decades. 

This type of structure comes in various types, the most classic being the masonry model. There are also modular kit pools such as the panel pool or the PVC formwork pool. Very trendy lately, the monocoque pool is a good solution because it is quick to install. It is manufactured in a factory and delivered directly to your home, ready to be installed. Generally speaking, building an in-ground pool represents a non-negligible cost, hence the importance of knowing what you want and how you plan to carry out this project.

The above ground pool, easily removable

When you are considering the purchase of a pool and you don't know much about it, you may feel a little lost when faced with the different types of pools that exist. In this sense, you are not sure which solution to choose. Building a pool is a major investment, but it is not the only cost you will have to face. Think about the insurance, the different equipment, the heating, the different treatment products, the filtration system and the taxes depending on the size of your pool. As a result, above ground pools come in many forms. 

The indisputable advantage of these pools is their ease of implementation. They do not require major work. However, on the market, you have the choice between self-supporting or inflatable models that you just have to inflate and fill or kit pools that are composed of panels, posts and covers that you have to assemble. 

However, if the pool is synonymous with relaxation, well-being and family games, it is still a danger for young children. To prevent the risk of drowning, the legislation has enacted a law establishing several safety standards. While nothing can replace your vigilance and supervision, these devices can be an effective way to avoid many accidents and tragedies. Don't take risks and secure your pool. 

To be pleasant for you, your pool must be located in a sunny place. The water will heat up naturally, it will be better protected from dead leaves and it will allow you to swim without risk. Your pool should also be protected from the wind, especially from prevailing winds; it will stay cleaner and be more pleasant to use. Finally, make sure that you can enjoy your pool in complete privacy, without feeling spied upon.