Tips for getting rid of flies in the home

Flies are small insects that are often a nuisance in the home or even outside the home. However, there are simple tips to keep them away from you. Discover, in this article, some tips to prevent the presence of these bugs.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an indispensable ingredient in a home. It is used in the kitchen and also in daily chores. Since it is not an uncommon product, you can use it to keep flies away from your home, as it is effective. To do this, use it to wipe the room and its surroundings. Don't forget to use it to clean the windows, etc. You can use it diluted with hot water or alone. For more information on the home theme, go now to

Basil Leaf or Clove Cloud

Like mint leaves, basil leaves have an aroma that flies hate. To keep flies away from your home, buy a few feet of basil. Put them in pots and place them at the windowsills and at the various entrances. To keep them away forever, take the trouble to change the basil plants some time later. Otherwise, they will come back as long as they don't smell the plant anymore. As for the clove cloud, flies do not like this smell. To break them up with these ingredients, take citrus fruits. Grapefruit, lemon. For example, cut one of the chosen citrus fruits in half, three or four, depending on your preference. Put a few clove feet in the divided citrus fruit and spread them in all corners of the house. Give preference to entryways and window corners.

Peppermint essential oil or eucalyptus oil

Flies hate essential oils like eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint oil because of their smell. Put one of these oils in a small jar and position them next to windows and your various entrances. These insects will no longer be able to walk around your house as usual. For those that bother you when you are out for lunch, you can put a few drops on the table or in your clothing. They will undoubtedly go away from you.