The PLF in Malta, Italy, Slovenia: how to get it ?

The PLF defined as the "Passenger Location Form" is a document that must be rigorously provided from now on because of the COVID-19. This applies to any traveler going to Malta, Italy or Slovenia. This paper must be approved by the immigration authorities before entering the designated territories. In general, the form is obtained in two steps online. However, each country offers the obtaining in different ways and according to a certain time frame.

The PLF in Malta

Regardless of the channel used by the visitor, he must absolutely have the form. He can get it online at before going to any of the countries. The form indicates the country of destination. Regarding the destination, Malta requires a few documents for travelers from countries on the red list (countries with high contagion of COVID-19). First of all the medical follow-up form is of course one of the vaccination certificates allowed in Malta. The latter is of course confirmed by the European Medicines Agency. In the absence of a certificate, the traveler must provide a negative PCR test done at least 72 hours ago, without omitting the possibility of self-isolation.

How to get the PLF in Italy

Italy proposes the request of the PLF 14 days before landing. Obviously, a 72-hour test must be proven as well as a certificate. In addition, visitors from Japan, Canada, and the USA must show a certificate of recovery. Nevertheless, anyone who cannot provide the requested documents is subject to a quarantine for a period of days. In this case, they are required to provide a whole list of documents to provide and tests to do before entering Italy.

What are the steps to obtain the Form in Slovenia?

Like other countries, Slovenia also requires PLF, vaccination certificate and negative test. But in case the individual cannot provide these documents or comes from one of the most pandemic infected countries, he/she has to follow the emergency procedure. That is, he/she is subjected to a 10-day quarantine during which three PCR tests will be performed.