Methods of searching for information on the Internet

When resorting to the search for information online, you must take into account a series of methods that can provide us with quality and reliable content that can be used in the development of our work. The information must meet a series of requirements. Here are some methods of searching for information online.


The search engines 

Undoubtedly the most popular today since it allows us to get search results based on what we have written. For other methods, pop over here. They work with databases that work automatically. They integrate websites of almost any type through the use of robots that crawl the net exploring websites. These programs are also called spider or engine and this program visits page by page and creates databases linked to the page that contain a maximum of 100 keywords.


Active search methods 

They are directly controlled by us and they occupy a system of search patterns that links the content of the subject we are looking for. They give access via databases and also have a comment system that allows interaction with the group of people who read the topic. This allows us to easily post our own comment, question or concern.


Passive search method 

This search method uses automated systems that allow us to locate information, but in order to do so, we must correctly describe our objective. These systems use computer agents that facilitate all the tasks that we have to perform in the use of an active system, we mark our interest and the system is responsible for obtaining only the new information about which we want to obtain information, there are more complex systems such as information managers.