France, a country to visit

After several months of work, it is interesting to rest, to have fun by traveling to discover new horizons, to change ideas. But where to go? This is the question we ask ourselves. Several destinations are available to you. Among them, we have France which has long been a favorite destination. This country has great assets that we should in the following. 

Some tourist sites of France 

France is a country full of history and cultural richness. Many tourists limit themselves to visit its capital Paris with monuments and museums. It is the ideal city for your wedding, we talk about paris wedding. There is also the Mont Saint Michel located in Normandy which is in the northwest of France. Mont Saint Michel is a UNESCO world heritage site. You will see memorial sites all along the beaches. 

You can also visit the country's mountains. Among others, we have the Galibier pass in the departments of Hautes-Alpes and Savoie. Or the sanctuary of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette in Isère perched at 1770 meters of altitude. It is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Europe. To entertain you, several ski resorts are installed to make you discover the great mountains during the snowy periods. 

The periods to enjoy it 

France is a country open to all. Only periods are defined according to the activities. For example, you can ski between December and April in the Alps. As well as during the summer periods between May and October, you can enjoy the sea and the sun in the west of France. Depending on your activity, your passion, your desires and your calendar, it would be wiser to find out about these times to better enjoy the assets that this destination offers. 

With this vacation in France, you have a lot to gain and discover about this magnificent destination.